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Mantra is the use of sound to influence consciousness; man means spirit and trang means wave or projection. Everything in this world, down to the subatomic level, is in constant motion, vibrating. The closer a material is, the slower it moves; often the vibration is so slow or so fast that we cannot detect it with our direct senses. This vibration is pure energy.

Sound and vibration frequency

There is a vibration frequency that corresponds to everything in the universe. Happiness or sadness, joy or regret are vibrational frequencies in the mind. When we chant a mantra, we choose to invoke the positive power in those specific syllables. Whether it is prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition or other possible benefits of mantras, simply by reciting them we set vibrations in motion that will have an effect. It doesn’t really matter whether we understand the meaning of the sounds or not.

Chanting a mantra produces a specific vibrational frequency in the body. The sounds and thoughts produced by the body and mind radiate from you. The vibrational frequency of a mantra pulls everything you are vibrating towards you. You are like a magnet that draws vibrations towards you by what you send out. As a vibration, a state of mind, a state of being that results from chanting, mantra is compatible with all belief systems.

In addition to the vibrations that are set in motion, something else happens when you chant. This is really important. There are eighty-four meridian points or pressure points in the palate. Every time you speak, you are stimulating them and the corresponding glands and organs with the tongue. And each time you recite a mantra, you tap a particular sequence, rhythm and position that triggers a chemical reaction in the brain and body. It’s like having an electronic, automated security system in your mouth. Strike the correct code on the palate and you will access the brain and your inner chambers of higher consciousness!