Download the 5 basis techniques for free below and learn how to relax in less than nine minutes.

The book ‘Meet with Yourself’


In this Kundalini Yoga Manual for Professionals You find 9 preprocessed agenda’s. Each agenda treats another theme, for example stress management, personal development and balance between work and life. After reading this book you can work on these themes individually, to get the most out of yourself, your team and your company. You can also book a personal trainer or receive online training.


Egbert Jan van Bel: entrepreneur & author
‘In MEET WITH YOURSELF Sat Kirtan helps you with her NineMinMax® approach to deal with stress in an efficient and effective way. Her book is a must-read and also a must-do if you want to get more out of your company, your team and yourself.’


Why ‘Meet with Yourself’?


We are always busy off- and online. We have customers, deadlines, relations, families and everything needs attention. One in five people living in the Netherlands will be involved with depression. Every year 5 % of the adult population gets some form of depression. We suffer under pressure, ignore our thresholds and forget ourselves.


The result:

1,3 million people with burn-out symptoms. A cost item of more than 2,8 billion voor de werkgevers. Covid-19 showed us health is not for sale, but it is the most important thing we have.


Time to take better care of ourselves

How do you do that? Taking good care of yourself?​ Simply. By freeing time and putting yourself on the agenda. We call this a Meeting with Yourself.



What is ‘Meet with Yourself’?



How often do you ask yourself: ‘How are you?’ In a ‘Meeting with Yourself’ you actively stop and watch what is going on, consciously or subconsciously. You are actually having a good talk to yourself. But it’s not jus some sitting and thinking. It is a structured meditation following the NineMinMax® method.


  • The NineMinMax® is a very powerful series of 3×3 exercises that deal with a particular theme.
  • Examples of themes are ‘bye bye stress’, conscious leadership and ‘work-life balance’.
  • A full Meeting with Yourself takes about 25 to 45 minutes.

Businesscoach & tv presenter Lorraine Vesterink:
‘If all companies plan these kind of meetings,
the world will look completely different.


What is the NineMinMax® method?


  • The NineMinMax® method is developed by Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa.
  • It is based on the Nine Minute Meditations from Kundalini Yoga. The yoga of awareness.
  • These meditations are specially for busy people. They are 3 exercises of 3 minutes each only.
  • They give you a maximum effect in the shortest time possible.
  • A conscious break during a busy workday.
  • Practical and doable. Just sitting in your chair in normal work clothes.



What is the effect of a Meeting with Yourself?



  • Your back is getting more flexible and you feel healthier.
  • You strengthen your muscles so you can cope better with work pressure.
  • You improve your breathing so you will feel more peaceful and balanced.


  • You listen more to yourself and each other so the communication improves.
  • You take more responsibility and you have a more relaxed attitude towards each other. 
  • You are able to set your limits and boundaries so you are more productive.


  • You feel better in your own skin and you are sick less often.
  • Your results are improving because you know what you want and you dare showing yourself.
  • You are enthusiastic about your work and more attractive for colleagues and customers.

Meeting with Yourself -> how do you do that?


During the Introductory workshop ‘Meet with Yourself’ you work according to a fixed agenda in which you use these five basic techniques:

  • Posture
  • Breath
  • Sound
  • Focus
  • Muscle Tension

Our Services

all workshops & trainings are given online as well as in-company

Introductory workshop
Meet with Yourself

Discover the 5 basic techniques and experience the power of NineMinMax® to release your stress in one hour


  • Introduction to the five basic techniques: posture, breath, sound, focus and muscle tension.
  • Experience the power of NineMinMax® to release your stress.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • You are ready for: the basic training.


5-week Basic Training
Meet with Yourself

In this 5-week training you focus each week on one of the basic techniques that are key to every ‘Meeting with Yourself’.

  • Sequel to the Introductory workshop
  • You focus every week on one of the basic techniques
  • You experience what posture, breath, sound, muscle tension and focus do
  • Duration per training: 1 hour
  • After 5 weeks you are ready for the in-depth training

9-week In-depth training
Meet with Yourself

In this 9 week in-depth training you apply the basic techniques to 9 different agendas.

  • You apply the basic techniques to the themes of the NineMinMax method
  • You experience all nine themes (agendas)
  • You choose your personal agenda to work with
  • Duration of each training: 1 hour

Our recommendations

Lisa van Roode

As an entrepreneur I am always busy. By meeting with myself regularly I make better choices and I am more successful.

Leythem Wall

I never thought that yoga & meditation could bring me so much as well in my work as in my private life. I do it and keep on doing it.

Ingrid Kersten

After a serious accident I am thankful for what works and Meeting with Myself helps me in my recovery physically as well as mentally.

Our Team

The Meet with Yourself team are lovingly committed to sustainable, employable, healthy and vital employees that work with pleasure and and make a contribution to themselves, the company and to society.

Rinco van der Baan

Business Partner & trainer

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa

Founder & author

Mary van ’t Hoff


Isabelle Silvis

NineMinMax® trainer

Jan Hidde & Linda Landstra

NineMinMax® trainers

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NineMinMax® trainer

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NineMinMax® trainer

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