Curious what a meeting with yourselve can do for you? Join the online starter workshop, every Wednesday evening from 20:00 to 21:00 .

That is what the NineMinMax® Business Yoga training Meet with Yourself brings you!


  • Do you want to work more effective without stress?
  • Within your threshold?
  • Work self-steering?
  • Do what you are good at?
  • Feel powerful, relaxed and happy?


Than this NineMinMax® training is for you!

You can do this 9 week master class live or online at work.


After the basic training ‘Meet with Yourself’ you know how to use all tools you already have (posture, breath, sound, muscle tension and focus) and you intensify:

  • How you can influence yourself positively and get the most out of yourself.
  • How you can use your tools more effectively. Just sitting in your work chair. Any moment you need it.


Imagine: you are working. You do you exercises and within 25 minutes you have recharged your battery and you continue work with full focus. That is what NineMinMax® does for you!

De NineMinMax® master class has 9 themes that are casted in the form of an agenda for a Meeting with Yourself.


In this training you dive into the deep end of the themes.

  • What fits with you at this moment in your life?
  • What do you want to magnify, intensify and make more clear?

There are 9 pre-made themes for a Meeting with Yourself with 9 pre-made agenda’s.


In the training each week a different theme will be treated.

The 9 pre-made themes are:

  • By bye stress!
  • Be healthy
  • Work-life balance
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Communication
  • Discover your true Identity
  • Become wealthy
  • Happiness

What this Masterclass brings you:



  • You experience the impact of the 9 different themes.
  • You master the 9-minute technique to get yourself on top and out of depressing thoughts or emotions.
  • A specific meditation to get past your thresholds and to feel good and full of confidence about it.
  • A simple yoga technique to find answers within yourself (because Google does not have all the answers).
  • You master a diverse set of breathing techniques with which you give yourself a quick boost of relaxation.
  • You learn to observe your own body so you know when to relax or when to go to your max!
  • In short: You learn to use lots of tools that you already have! So you are more powerful and more in balance and you live a happier life.

The ‘Meet Yourself’ Team is committed to you with love

  • For sustainable, deployable, healthy and vital employees.
  • Who work with pleasure and contribute to themselves, the company and society.